Claimant’s Mobile Phone Taken And Kept By JobCentre Security Staff

If had been me, I would have just called the police. Ill people need their phones on them at all times.

Some security guards think that they’re a law unto themselves. I’d make a formal complaint to the DWP, the company that employs the security guards, and report it to the police.

Same Difference

Joanne Lee
4 September at 16:08

I took my brother to the job centre yesterday in which while he was there he received a phone call from the doctors informing him of his test results.
Security heard his phone go off and came over to him and said to him that he is not allowed to use his phone in the building.
He told them it was the doctors and was important.
He was told to switch off the phone or lose it.
My brother refused to do so but put his phone back in his pocket.
A few mins later my brother received an text message and with that security came over and snatched his phone out of his hand and told my brother he could have it back.
At the end my brother went to security and asked for his phone back.
The security man said (You haveā€¦

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