Something serious has happened, but you don’t know it yet

This post puts everything in perspective really. We can’t imagine what it’s like to lose everything, but it’s about time that people did.

The west has set the middle east on fire, and if they’re not going to put that fire out, then they have a responsibility towards those citizens.

My reaction to the response of people going all out to help the refugees is mixed. In some ways I am touched, and of course, it is only right and good that we all help. In other ways, I ask myself that if a child’s death can bring about the outpouring of compassion and good will, why aren’t the UK citizens also outraged about the number of people who have died due poverty in this country? We should help all people; we should help the hungry children in this country too, not just those who we think are more deserving.

There is a lot of unimaginable misery here in the UK; I pity the refugees deeply for their circumstances, but also, for wanting to come here in the first place.


Most of you will still be at work this time of day. Something serious has happened, but you don’t know it yet.

When you get back this evening, you will find your home has been demolished. Just flattened. You have no idea why. Your family may or may not have been in it. Everything you own certainly was. Your neighbours have disappeared. You stand there looking at the remains, trying to process the scene. It’s impossible. Then you start to dig frantically, but it’s no use. It’s just a mountain of rubble. You should call the police. You try your phone, but you’ve been cut off. You look for your car. It’s gone. WHAT IS GOING ON?

You sit on the curb confused. You’re tearful. You feel the whoosh of someone running past, behind you. When you turn your rucksack is gone. You look around, but the culprit is nowhere…

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