Why meritocracy doesn’t work


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The elite keep their single sex schools, whilst the rest attend ‘free schools’, where I’ve heard today, that there were 4000 cases in a year of sexual abuse, perpetrated by the pupils themselves; some as young as 5 years old.

Yes, that’s good enough for the general public. And if your child happens to do well, they may still find that their entry into the well paid positions in life is limited, because you have to ‘know’ someone.

I saw it happen in my social group. A ‘word’ was given so that someone leaving school or university could get a leg up. In my own profession, most of the freelance contracts that I had were just ‘given’ to me, not advertised.

I’m not saying that it’s always like that, but I did notice that the senior positions in these community arts operations, were always taken by people who were distinctly middle class in every way.

Yes, the rules of fairness and equality in all things don’t apply to them. The sense of entitlement is so ingrained that if you tried to explain the issue, some honestly wouldn’t understand what you were talking about.

A Word in Your Ear

Classism is a many-headed hydra. But the two dominant tools in “keeping people in their place” is the result of how the middle classes and upper class elite operate.

The major blockage for upward advancement is the middle class. Broadly anyone giving out jobs – good jobs – career jobs worth having, are middle class people who not only favour applicants of their own social class or higher, but will go out of their way to avoid giving a job to a well qualified and experienced applicant of any lower social class group.

But it is the higher class elite who make sure that nobody gets promoted on merit – within the middle class – the working class already having been effectively excluded – unless they support elite objectives.

Neither the middle class nor elite class want people to advance themselves on their own merit. It is not only unwanted…

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