Cameron Keen to Join Ranks of British War Criminals

Just been reading Mike Sivier’s article above about the killing of Reyaad Khan (L) and Ruhul Amin (R), who were killed in a drone strike by the RAF in August.

Mike Sivier said:

Someone should tell David Cameron that getting his retaliation in first is not an act that is recognised by the law; people need to commit crimes before being punished for them, and even then the punishment must be appropriate according to the law.

Please do read more of the above article – I fully support what Mike Sivier is stating, but I wanted to make my own comments.

Note how the news whipped up support for the refugees in the last 2 weeks, then we have this announcement. This smacks of government involvement in directing the media, galvanising support from the general public and M.P.s, for action that was NOT supported by parliament in the first place, let alone the establishment of ‘kill lists’ and drone strikes to facilitate the killings.

What has absolutely incensed me is that I believe the media have been directed to purposefully obfuscate the DWP death statistics: we need urgent action to stop any more deaths! Simultaneously, the media has made it look as if refugees were the deserving ones dying, when all people should receive such support from the government and general public.

How many of them were falling over to help the starving in this country prior to that? I know that many people do, and it’s touching how much help is out there, but my point is where was the public outcry at the 90 deaths a month in the UK? We constantly hear about those who have drowned and it’s heartbreaking for the families concerned; my thoughts and prayers are with them, but what about the 90 deaths a month in the UK (if not more when you count those on JSA who have taken their own lives, or starved)?

If that had been a terrorist attack the public would have been outraged. It would have made the news for many months, and the public would demand that the government act to stop it happening again. Where is that outrage for our citizens? It only seems apparent in the groups of people who have always spoken out; it’s still not getting into the public’s psyche: the general public are not ‘getting it’.

They say ‘charity starts at home’, but it seems far from the mark here in the UK. As a friend said about the deaths: ‘they’ll do anything to get out of working’. That is how the media affects people’s sense of compassion and empathy. I see it all around me. Then I see people rushing to help the refugees, yet some of us may as well be refugees in our own country: that’s how it feels; we are not wanted; we are even perhaps viewed less favourably than refugees.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

(sorry about the formatting; it won’t let me space things properly if I’ve copied this writing from a comment I made in another blog grrrrrrr!)


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