Fit For Work Interview For Downs Syndrome Man, 53, With Mental Capacity Of 2 Year Old

Reblogged and commented: I’m just worried for my neighbour who has a son in a similar state of LD; he also has epileptic fits. He will not talk to strangers, like a little child doesn’t like to, and if he was forced it would keep bringing on the fits. He’s a grown man though, and he can be violent when pushed.

I don’t know what they’ll do because it was social workers that used to help them with benefits, but now people don’t get an assigned social worker.

It’s just cruel to put these very vulnerable people through such a traumatic thing.

Same Difference

Via reader Alan Mason on Facebook:

A good friend of mine posted this yesterday! The insidious Welfare Reforms not only have a devastating impact on their victims but also touch the lives of people who have friends or relatives in that vulnerable position and who are repeatedly bullied by the DWP, and now they are becoming more and more enraged!

Via Louise Jones:

“A raging update on my 53 yr old Down’s syndrome cousin, Mark (yes, 53). My relatives submitted the forms to confirm why he can’t work, but the IDS brigade still came out to see him – how can you interview someone who can’t string two words together and has the mental capacity of a 2 yr old? He still doesn’t call me by the right name, so they have no chance of him working anywhere in any role. The interview was an embarrassment & a waste of…

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