Man douses himself in petrol inside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. 

Just another day at the job centre; you could multiply this across the UK. I heard the other day that someone drove a car through the windows of a different job centre.

Give it a little more time, and someone will get seriously hurt. The man in this article – luckily for the smirking staff in the job centre – didn’t light the petrol. I hope that all staff will take note of this, and realise how close they came to disaster, how them not uniting against the DWP policies is a factor in all of this.

I hope that this poor man, and the other distressed man, and the millions of other distressed and stressed out claimants, fit or sick, will get some kind of relief soon.

The poor side of life

Yesterday I received three telephone calls and today I also received a text message informing me that a man had doused himself in petrol inside the Jobcentre. When we arrived at our regular Thursday demo today we were stopped by two claimants who also confirmed it. Each person that conveyed their stories gave the same account and after checking that there was an incident at the Jobcentre yesterday I can say that this is true.

The man walked into the Jobcentre with a petrol container.. He looked desperate by all accounts. We cannot say for definite what his exact reasoning behind this was but what we can say is that this man was in mental anguish. Along with thousands of claimants everyday he was most likely pushed to the edge. He couldn’t take anymore. Death it seems was the only option to him, and he wanted to show the DWP…

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