Judge, jury and executioner.

I’m disgusted. Whatever he did, he had the right to medical treatment. The officers that threw him into the van should all be sacked, and the nurse who claimed he was fit.

What sorts of people are being employed here? They do not sound like professionals at all. It’s down to cutting costs no doubt, employing ‘unemployable’ people because they can pay them less.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Reposted from The Independent

I don’t know what this man was in prison for and I don’t want to know … we are all innocent until presumed guilty after all … aren’t we?

Security camera footage showed the officers stripping the man and re-dressing him for a court appearance while seemingly ignoring his cries of pain


Police are investigating the death of a seriously-ill prison inmate after guards were caught on CCTV dragging him from his cell and dumping his limp body into a van.

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