Cameron launchs attack on Corbyn, oh dearie me. Nil points.

Fear and loathing in Great Britain

12_september_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,200

Saturday 12 September 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

By the time this letter arrives in London we will know who the next Labour leader is. It’s telling that just before the announcement of the new Labour leader you have launched your own desperate plea against the man most likely to. In the speech you are to give, today, Friday, as I type this letter, you will apparently say, “We can spend less and deliver more”, arguing there is a “moral imperative” to “streamline” services to be more “effective”. When a business uses technology to deliver more for less, it’s regarded as a good thing. But when government does it, it’s too often just badged as cuts.”

You have a talent for uttering the utterly meaningless. Technology certainly plays its part in business and, yes, it can deliver more for less, but the…

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