Maximus ‘Luring nurses and Health Workers from the NHS only to sack them, often within weeks’

All of this is about saving money, but ironically, if they just used evidence from G.P.s and consultants, imagine how much money could be saved, along with fewer appeals, compared to these useless tests that end up causing people to become more ill just through the stress of it all.

People have said that allowing G.P.s to assess fitness would put undue pressure on them, but each practice could have a designated G.P. assessor who could work independently of your own G.P. The advantages of this is that the G.P. would have your medical information and evidence to hand in order to make a decision.

We could save millions of pounds by doing this, money that could be used for higher benefit payments, especially for those claiming JSA, who are receiving a pitiable income that does not begin to cover living costs. The government might even find that without all of the extra stress, some disabled people could become well enough to work a little, whilst at present, many disabled people daren’t even suggest such a thing because they’re scared of losing their benefits.

When you consider the corruption within Atos and Maximus, how the system just isn’t working for either the government or the claimant, one can only come to the conclusion that as usual it’s ‘money for the boys’.

Benefit tales

Maximus Private Eye

(from Private Eye)

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