Pre Crime and Mind Mapping

Pentagon ‘Mind Mapping’ Has Scary Implications

By Mark Anderson —

A San Jose State University anthropologist has published a two-part article in the magazine Anthropology Today that probes the kind of invasive, pervasive “human mapping” that some believe is linked to the massive United States military exercise, Jade Helm 15 (JH15),  taking place in nine states through September 15. What’s encouraging is that Dr. Roberto J. González, in summing up his research, goes beyond analysis and calls for academic resistance to this futuristic, but all-too-real, Pentagon quest to read our minds.

In part one of González’s article, “The Pentagon’s Quest for a ‘Social Radar,’” published in June, the professor outlines a host of forecasting efforts, examines one company in particular and reviews the role of anthropologists in their development and critique.

The second part, “‘Big data,’ algorithms, and computational counterinsurgency,” published this month, analyzes the rise of “predictive policing” and its Pentagon connections, reviews some relevant programs and examines these in light of scientists’ concerns over the development of artificial intelligence and long-term human survival.

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