Richer Than Bankers

Me no understand, but sounds ok ish!

I have a great idea that will enable we the unwashed to compete head to head with the shadow banking system. It works like this.

All you have is register a mutual company called Iamworth£

Then go onto Twitter and tweet ‘I am worth £1: reply saying u join Iamworth£ herewith £1, mult sum x 5 & R/T to followers with same instructions I gave u.’ (112 characters)

Thus the 25-2500 followers you have on Twitter can in turn R/T £5 to their followers, who will in turn tweet on £25 to theirs, who will tweet £625 to theirs…ad not quite infinitum: but nevertheless, the total by the time everyone’s done their bit will be roughly 2,200,000,000 x [5 > ~] squared.

All 2.2 billion folks with access to the internet will then be joint owners of a mutual with assets greater than the entire amount of wealth ever created by Homo sapiens.

More on link:


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