I think one of the most basic things for myself is just how many buildings still haven’t got wheelchair access or have toilets that can be accessed by disabled people; there are so many small shops in town like this. I like to go to the couple of ‘real ale’ pubs occasionally, but as I’m in a wheelchair more and more, I can’t visit the establishments because there’s no access for me due to the amount of steps here and there.

That all pales into existence in relation to the prejudice most disabled people face due to the media propaganda. I’d say lets challenge that one first, because the equality act is useless unless the general public are well informed, rather than classing us all as fakers and scroungers.

Same Difference

A press release:


-Committee on the Equality Act 2010 hears from disabled people at Real, in Tower Hamlets-
A House of Lords committee has met with disability support organisation Real, as part of its investigation into how well the Equality Act 2010 is working for disabled people.

Real, which is a user-led support organisation for disabled people based in Tower Hamlets, invited members of the Lords Committee to their offices on Tuesday 15 September.

The House of Lords Committee on the Equality Act 2010 is investigating what sort of impact the legislation is having on disabled people.

Six members of the Lords Committee heard from a variety of Real members about the realities of day to day life with disabilities.

Baroness Deech, Chair of the Committee, said:
“For the Committee to get out and speak to disabled people is invaluable for our investigation. We heard some frank views…

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