Shoe on the Other Foot

Well spotted by Mike Sivier; a tweet that turns the tables on Cameron’s ‘security’ tweet just after Corbyn was elected. Over the last few years I’ve made similar comments myself about the Conservatives, how very communist they are in their approach to government. Anyway, have a good laugh at this one:


It was a stupid idea, but then stupid ideas are all the Conservatives have.

After Jeremy Corbyn’s overwhelming victory in the Labour Party leadership election, David Cameron – who, let’s remember, is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – stupidly tweeted that “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security”.

The put-downs flew thick and fast – and This Blog has already mentioned some of them. But surely the hardest response came from the Russian Embassy, which gave a devastating criticism of Cameron’s behaviour while also reminding him that he has abandoned his responsibilities as PM.

Here’s the tweet:


Russian ambassador Alexander Yakovenko followed up with this endorsement of the new Labour leader: “Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn. Hope for positive change in terms of debate, including on our relations.”

Mr Corbyn has hinted he would pursue warmer diplomatic relations between the UK and Russia.

It is clear that the arrival of Mr Corbyn is pushing Cameron out into the cold.

(for excellent political discussion and analysis, don’t forget to visit vox political on the link below)


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