Social Care Services Heading ‘From Crisis To Catastrophe’, Warns Report

Full report here:

I’m not shocked by the details below since I’ve been the target of these cuts recently.

It might have helped if I’d had a truly qualified assessor, but I instead got an ignorant and under educated woman, who barged into my house after she had got the appointment date mixed up, despite me saying that I was now very ill after having 11 angina attacks that day, and we would have to meet another day. She then towered over me, accused me of financial fraud regarding my care account, and she’d already indicated in a previous telephone call that she didn’t even believe that I was ill. I had an urgent appointment with my doctor the next day, but she didn’t believe me about that either, and said that she would be contacting my doctor (well she didn’t even realise that doctors will not release any information about a patient without express written consent).

So the LAs are not only cutting care plans, but using people who have little education to oversee this, whereas at one time all assessors would be degree trained social workers. No, it’s not anything to do with ‘care’ anymore, it’s purely a financial arrangement; I call them ‘neglect plans’ not care plans.

My family insisted on making a formal complaint, which I didn’t want to do as it can make matters worse. That’s how vulnerable you feel about it, that if you dare speak up, there will be trouble.

Care is in a sad state right now. These ‘health budgets’ are being promoted with people able to buy summer houses, have guitar lessons, even holidays, but at the same time, they’re telling you that support for you to have clean clothes and nutritious food is being withdrawn, that the government can’t afford it. What’s the use of a holiday if you have no clean clothes? None of it makes sense!

They want to get their priorities in order so that people have the care that they need, then we can talk about providing activities if they can be appropriately funded.


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