Behind the Scenes in a London Hotel

I worked the hotels on the south coast when I was 16. The bosses always used to shout, but the job itself was really enjoyable and we had some great laughs.
It seems from the blog below that this has all changed and staff are regularly bullied and overworked. It’s illustrative of the working world nowadays where companies want you 24/7 if possible whether you’re a professional or not.
A day in my life as a room attendant…

Hi, my name is Charlotte*. I’ve been working as a room attendant in a reputable central London Hotel for quite a while now.

I wanted to tell you about one of my average days at work, so that you could see it from my perspective.

I bet most of you think that the work of a room attendant is nothing much. She comes, cleans, and goes home, and it might seem this way but this is just how it looks from the outside, to the hotel guests or friends who have never worked in hotels.
Yes our work depends on cleaning rooms and having them ready for new guests, as well as maintaining cleanliness in those already occupied. However, noone really knows that room attendants are often physically and psychologically plagued.
Noone is aware of the fact that supervisors often ‘feed’ on the room attendants in many ways, maybe because they they are in a bad mood, or the boss upset them or they simply don’t like your face. 
In hotels there is a division of labour, or as I’d call it, a class system. It’s composed of the following: the room attendant, the supervisor, and ‘The Top’, ie the bosses ruling over the workers. This division of classes all too often results in a heirarchy of oppression. The Top abuses the supervisors, and they in turn abuse the room attendants – because they can, or they think they can. 
On more that one occasion, a supervisor will give me an additional room to clean, because they simply don’t like me, or because they’re in a bad mood. Nevermind that I already had many of my own rooms to clean – a list of some ten departures and nine occupieds, which means 19 rooms to clean in a day, and within those a few linen changes – and despite other girls having better luck and less rooms on their lists, But, because this supervisor doesn’t like me, she keeps giving me extra rooms to do.
To read the rest, go to the site and scroll a couple of articles down:

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