Britain’s oldest PoW forced to live off charity handouts and facing eviction by Brent Council

It sometimes makes you wonder just what is considered as ‘the deserving poor’. This man has spent his life savings on care for himself; he shouldn’t have to pay one penny more.

Benefit tales

BRITAIN’S oldest prisoner of war has been forced to survive off charity handouts and faces eviction because his local council refuses to acknowledge he is not eligible for their help.

Robbie Clark miraculously managed to survive Hitler’s 1,000-mile Death March across Europe in 1945 but is now living in misery after exhausting his £50,000 life savings to pay for a live-in carer costing £960-a-week at his home in Burnt Oak, north London.

The wheelchair-bound 97-year-old, who is also registered blind and deaf in one ear, came into the public eye five-months-ago after Brent Council refused to pay his care costs.

Council workers said they would pay up to £451 in funding a week but this left him facing eviction and being forced to live in a care home – which he fears is like being back in a prisoner of war camp.
Following a 190,000 signature petition in Aprilurging Brent…

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