Escape to the Cabin

Being mostly housebound, I regularly dream of being able to move away to an isolated place, where there are no brown envelopes, with just the sky and view for company. I need carers though, so I’d hardly get any solitude.

It makes you wonder that if we became fortunate enough to live like that, if our overall health as well as mental health would improve enough to allow us to work a little at whatever we’re good at.

I haven’t painted in over a year (, neither played the piano or classical guitar (I play badly), used my drum machine and keyboard, or done any writing apart from a few comments on sites here and there. The illness has debilitated me to such an extent that I can barely think straight anymore, let alone spend hours mixing just the right shade of colours for my next picture, or remember the names of the characters in my book (I’ve literally lost the plot).

But oh, just to be in some of the places below would sort me out I’m sure. Though it’s always said that a true artist doesn’t need such inspiration, rather they should see their art as something they ‘work’ at during fixed hours of every day. That’s all well and good, but when you barely have an hour a day to do anything, then sometimes weeks or months of severe health that stops you altogether, you easily lose the momentum, the creative zone.

Ah well, it is as it is: one can but dream…

Homes: Cabin Fever – in pictures

For anyone who yearns to escape to the wilderness, the Cabin Porn blog is addictive viewing

For more information, go to

Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere is published on
29 September at £16. To order a copy, go to


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