His diabetic mother was found dead in her home after being sanctioned for being in hospital with heart problems.

This is just despicable. Having recently developed a severe heart condition myself on top of everything else, you have to make sure that you care for yourself, eat well, slow down, and avoiding any stress is an absolute essential. I only opened a letter with my appointment for the cardiac unit and had an attack; nightmares can have the same affect.

I’d like to know why this lady wasn’t under the care of social services? I thought that ill people weren’t discharged from hospital unless they were sure that support was in place, both physical and financial?

More blood on the hands of this government!

Benefit tales

This was posted on Facebook today.

Peter Urbacz

My mother Ruby Urbacz age 59 was found dead at her home on the 6th September as a result of a heart attack. She had been admitted to hospital a 01/08/15 for chest pains where they found she had had three minor heart attacks. Even though my mother had poor mobility , type 2 diabetes, very basic numeracy and literacy skills and mental health problems including depression, she was deemed “fit for work” by the DWP. She was put on JSA and hounded to show evidence of looking for a job she struggled to write a shopping list and thus constantly worried about money and if her benefits would be stopped.

Her benefits were stopped without without any investigation as she missed her jsa appointment whilst in hospital, after her discharge she had received no money for five consecutive weeks of the…

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