Unpaid Work Schemes Are De-Skilling A Generation And Perhaps That Is The Intention

As my friend said about middle class jobs: ‘the top is full, they don’t need you anymore; this is why they introduced high university tuition fees and scrapped many adult learning classes. They can’t have you in competition with their own offspring for the decreasing middle income jobs’.

Yet why then are business bosses saying that they can’t find enough skilled workers? Instead of giving millions to fake job coaching companies, why doesn’t the government use that money to train and educate unemployed people? It doesn’t make sense, other than there would be no money in that for their mates of course.

the void

try-before-you-buy A delegate at a recent skills conference promotes the use of unpaid work schemes. h/t @screenedout

Anyone who thinks you need to carry out an unpaid work experience placement  to be qualified to work in Poundland has never shopped in fucking Poundland.  This is not being a job snob as former Employment Minister Chris Grayling claimed when people objected to Tesco using unpaid staff.  It is simply recognising that an employee in a shop adds value to that business from day one – and so they should be paid from day one.

The growth of unpaid work in the UK has been justified with familiar claims that the young are lazy, or need to be taught how to get out of bed in the morning.  There is nothing new about this.  The generation that came of age in the late 80s and early 90s were ‘slackers’ and all the same…

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One thought on “Unpaid Work Schemes Are De-Skilling A Generation And Perhaps That Is The Intention

  1. I’m sure the Tories are loving tweets like this, ir even paying companies to tweet messages like this to make it seem popular to the kids with fake followers.

    But unpaid work is bullshit, the companies use you for so long, then replace you with another kid, it’s not costing them a thing and it looks good for the job centre and DWP.

    Win, win situation for the government.

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