Don’t think of an elephant, and under no circumstances must you EVER think of a pig ….

Here is my two penneth Kitty. Firstly, surely there is some law that says you can’t donate 8 MILLION POUNDS, or ANY AMOUNT, just to expect to be in a government. If that is legal – and it seems that it is since no one has said anything disparaging about it – oh how the nations we critisise abroad must laugh at our so call democracy!

As for the alleged incident with the pig, I must say that I couldn’t help but laugh at the tweets, and I told my carer that it makes me want to go out and buy a television license just to see the expressions on the faces of the M.P.s the moro; it would be worth every penny: he will NEVER live this down (I’ve had sausage and mash for tea; it’s enough to make you want to give up meat altogether).

That said, it just reveals how the establishment, as rich as they are, will turn on each other like rabid dogs given half the chance; I’ve seen this again and again. Me personally – and no doubt like many others – could never reveal such a disgusting detail about someone in a book, even if we didn’t like them (for me hating someone can be very emotionally destructive in any case so I hate the things the government do, but I don’t hate the person); to purposefully do such harm to someone’s reputation like that, shows a lot about the person ‘telling’ as much as it does of the person who they have disgraced.

Yes, as Kitty reminds us, many who are pointing the finger are just as guilty, having come from the same brutal system. I feel sorry for them in some ways, but they’re supposed to be leading us and setting some kind of example, not allowing cocaine parties at their homes (if this is true); what must today’s youth think in all of this?

As you suggest Kitty, why reveal this now, and what are they trying to cover up? We can never trust that there isn’t a reason behind all of this; buried news and all that.

No doubt we’ll see in the next day or two.

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Too late. It’s now impossible to unsee the unthinkable.

The Daily Mail (admittedly not the world’s most reliable, factual newspaper,) has given David Cameron a taste of his own medicine by publishing anexclusive sneak previewof a soon to be published,  intimately detailed and strictly unauthorised biography of the Prime Minister.

It was co-written by a senior Conservative Party figure, Lord Ashcroft, and Isobel Oakeshott, former Sunday Times political editor, and Call Me Dave promises to reveal some extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing details about Cameron’s infamously uber-privileged younger years.

The biography contains some fairly prosaic stories of the kid Cameron smoking weed and listening to Supertramp with the likes of James Delingpole and generally being a very obnoxious, wealthy Tory numpty. However an unnamed source in the book alleges that Hameron was a member of a glorified and debauched fraternity boy’s club at Oxford University called the Piers Gaveston…

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