Jeremy Hunt’s hit squad is a danger to our national health

Well, surprise surprise! Who would have thought that a hospital would become inadequate due to not employing enough staff and not having enough money to run it?!!!

Did you also notice the steep rise in admissions however? I wonder why that is? And bed blocking due to social care cuts, who would have thought that could happen?!

I’m convinced that my heart problem is due to the extreme pressure that we’re all under, so multiply that across the country, not just the disabled, but the out of work, pensioners that should have been pensioners by now, and those in work who don’t know how the hell they’re going to manage losing hundreds of pounds a month after April, and I guess we’ll have the perfect storm of an NHS collapse due to people suffering malnutrition, exposure, stress, hypothermia etc etc.

The wickedness of this government doesn’t amaze me these days; not shocked one bit, even if there’s a pig involved.


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