Pig-gate: The Right Honourable Member

I won’t upload the video that chunky mark made with an interview from the presenters of the ‘Keiser Report’ with it being explicit, but they make a few salient point about the matter.

Firstly, now that the laughing has subsided (mnnn not sure about that!), they make the point that in the U.S. you have to disclose anything that compromises you, whether it’s previous affairs, drug taking etc. This is because you could be a security risk as someone could blackmail you.

They make the point of how the journalism in this regard has not as yet highlighted this, and also how can this man remain on the world stage, criticising other nations, telling them what to do, when he has allegedly done such an act? Is Cameron ever going to be taken seriously after that? Add the drug and alcohol abuse article in the Daily Heil, where allegedly the PM lost his phone he was so drunk, and on another occasion Sam and him were so drunk abroad that they were throwing up, how can such a man remain in office? What if war breaks out or some other incident that needs all of his attention?

A friend of mine – who ironically has a degree in social studies – told me that she had social services knocking at her door because she drinks a few glasses of low alcohol wine every week, and gave her hell for it. If drugs were being passed around at his parties, where were his children then? What do social services have to say about that?

How does all of this set an example of ‘British Values’ that Cameron keeps speaking about, when kids are already being dragged out of school to explain themselves just because they said the ‘t’ word?

I thought things were bad enough when Blair held the reins, but this last 5 years has gone from bad to abhorrent; it’s time that we had leaders that we could look up to: enough is enough!


5 thoughts on “Pig-gate: The Right Honourable Member

    1. Of course we’ve noticed by now, that it doesn’t seem to matter WHAT they do: innocent people being killed by welfare reforms; M.P.s accepting money for policy changes; child pornography charges of staff in no.10; bombing Syria when our M.P.s said NO! The list goes on and on.

      Without going all ‘conspiracy theory’ on people, it’s clear we’re heading for some kind of ‘endgame’ here.

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    2. OK, just read the comment now lol! You see, the great thing about writing a blog I’m finding, is that people who comment can say what you’re thinking ha! I have to be careful how I put it in the blog, and soon I may well have to edit some comments due to the change in the law. But I’m giggling now about your comment, so no worries!

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    1. By the way, you by far do not come across as being ‘thick in any way’; you write really well.

      If you’re rude sometimes, well, I should think that you’ve got the right to be! The government aren’t just rude, they are abhorrent: they are the stupid and ignorant ones, and much more than that.

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