School Children ‘Extremists’ Targetted

Just imagine, you’re 14 years old, learning about how the world works and being interested in that you join a the school debating society. During a session of that debating club, pupils had discussed ‘eco warriors’. Later, in a lesson about the environment, a teacher asked pupils about whether it is ethical to use violence to support the protection of the environment, so you put your hand up and talk about what eco warriors do, and as the lesson is mostly conducted in French, you mention the French word that you’d learned, “L’ecoterrorisme”.

The next French lesson, you are taken out of class by people you do not know, and you are taken to an ‘Inclusion Centre’. There is a person at a desk, and another person behind you; already you feel intimidated. They haven’t phoned your parents. You are asked about the previous lesson, which you explain, and then you’re asked if you support ISIS. You of course say no, and become very scared. When you return home you are viably distressed.

It goes without saying that this child is a muslim: would they have treated a British white child in the same way? Doubtful. The parents of this child are obviously very upset and are going to make a complaint.

This is the Kafkaesque society our school children face today. They’re only joining in with a discussion initiated by a teacher, but they get into trouble for answering. It’s like saying that we’re going to discuss terrorism, then if anyone actually mentions the word, then they are suspect. It’s like some kind of ‘catch 22’ set up.

I’d like to know why this child’s parents were not phoned, as surely it’s illegal to question a child without their parents being informed first. I’d like to know why this child was taken out of the next French class – in front of all his peers; was that to humiliate him, to teach the class an important ‘lesson’?

Well, this talented youngster has dropped French now, and will never become involved in a discussion again. That’s one way to silence so called dissent.

Well, this is our brave new world; don’t forget: NEVER say the ‘t’ word out loud (and probably many other words too), or on the telephone to someone. It’s a banned word. No doubt to finish off the 1984 scenario, the government will issue a new dictionary soon.


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