To Give or Not to Give

Well, to give obviously.

That said, be warned: once you do donate – and even if you tick the box requesting that your details are NOT passed on to 3rd parties – you’ll soon find that you’re receiving several, if not more, pieces of junk mail from other charities EVERY DAY.

‘So what?’, you might think; I’ll just stick them in the bin. Actually, you can’t do that because in various places on the charity communication your name and address is printed, which could be used by criminals to steal your identity – you’ll have to tear those bits out and destroy them. If you recycle, which most people do, you’ll also have to tear the plastic window from the envelope. Not a hard job you might think, but when you’re chronically ill it is arduous. Just doing a couple of envelopes can leave you in pain; there might be months where you aren’t able to, and before long, there’s a large pile mounted up on your desk, that’s going to be impossible to get through.

I’ve had to buy an incinerator to get rid of it, even though I have a log burner (you can’t just throw paper onto fires because it can start chimney fires).

What an ABSOLUTE waste of paper! These repeated letters do not have a nil cost but are deducted from the donations that you make. Thank goodness then that it seems the government will tackle this. More seriously though, it’s too late for some who became depressed after charity companies actually hounded them for donations by phone calls, as well as all mail.

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