A lose-lose situation: the DWP’s Catch 22.

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Comment: Yes, a ‘catch 22’ indeed! You used to be encouraged to pursue a professional career; they would allow you to study part time for that, but no longer I’m afraid.

No matter that PIP like DLA is supposed to be an ‘in work’ benefit; you can even claim it if you’re eligible for JSA for goodness sakes. No, now you have to be completely disabled, and then some, and then some more. OK paraplegic. Oops they’re being found fit for work too. Learning Difficulties with a mental age of 4? Nah, you’re just not sick enough; you’re swinging the lead mate.

This is where disability benefits are headed. If you can attend a part time course, you’re fit to work part time doing something; it doesn’t matter if you’re working towards something that will mean you can survive on part time wages (as a professional or with a certain skill). It doesn’t matter if you cannot go onto the work programme, you’ll have to attend their ‘ready for work’ courses, not studying for actual qualifications.

And there was always going to be a 3rd section that the DWP would put you in. In their document ’21st Century Welfare’ it said that those who are found fit for work, but who aren’t fit enough to claim JSA, then these people ‘will have to find their own means of support’.

Now come on, you know that you have that trust fund tucked away somewhere now don’t you. Or a wealthy relative; I mean EVERYONE has a wealthy auntie or uncle don’t they?

Kafkaesque Catch 22.


2015-09-23 13.05.22Last time I wrote about having my Personal Independence Payment assessment I said it felt like an exam I had to pass. As it turns out, this time I seem to have failed.

Yep, after doing my renewal application for my PIP, I was declined. I was half expecting this anyway but it still came as a shock. So now comes the mandatory reconsideration period and the appeals process. I’ve also requested a copy of my assessment to see if it’s as comedic as the last one was.

As an ill person, the expectations the DWP have of me are a bit confusing. I’m told that in order to be a productive member of society I have to work, that working is the best option for everyone and that their aim is to get everyone working. Yet, as soon as I try and be productive and proactive, I’m…

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