The criminalization of cash has now begun in America

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Comment: It doesn’t stop there. I tried to buy a laptop via my debit card 5 years ago; it was £650. It didn’t turn up on the date of delivery so I telephone the computer company, and they said that the transaction had failed. It can’t have failed I told them, I had a grand in my account. So I duly phoned the bank, and they said yes, the money was now sequestered. They’d taken my money but refused to pay the supplier. They insisted that I went into town to my bank, where I would have to prove who I was, and make an application to release the money. I had to queue up for ages, then go through this extended process; it made me ill.

I’m ill, and the whole point of buying over the internet is for my convenience. I don’t think that £650 is such a large amount of money to suggest fraud, but apparently it was. So next time then, I’ll have to go through the whole process again. I can’t avoid it since I can’t exactly send that sort of money via the post.

I know that they may have been trying to protect me in some ways, but it really shocked me that they could take my money like that without even a phone call to let me know, and that’s digital, not cash!


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