Who Are the Exremists Now?

When May threatens that bloggers will be labelled extremists when they’re only TELLING THE TRUTH, and kids are being dragged out of classes for mentioning the ‘t’ word, I was glad to read this article about a General who says there will be a coup if Corbyn won the next election.

Seumas Milne states (italics and bold mine):

It’s only necessary to imagine what would happen if a Muslim had threatened “direct action” against elected leaders to grasp the absurdity of the response. Add in the fact that the intelligence services have also said they will “restrict” information to Corbyn “or any of his cabinet” because of the opposition leader’s “detestation of Britain’s security services” – and it’s clear the problem unelected officials have with elected politicians who disagree with them goes far beyond the odd bilious general.

It is absolutely disgraceful for MI5 and the military to be working against the UKs democratic processes: If you want to take over and make it a completely totalitarian/authoritarian/military state guys, then just DO IT NOW, at least that would be honest; at least we’d know where the British public stands, If not, then shut up with the ‘anonymous’ threats, and get on with your assigned jobs within our democratic structure! It is NOT up to you who rules this country, that lies with the people.

And being that you have threatened our democracy, don’t dare point a finger at China, Russia, or any other country that you consider a ‘rogue state’.

We are being made a laughing stock of the world with our inept leaders, and our supposed democratic principles.

Read More: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/sep/23/british-establishment-problem-democracy-jeremy-corbyn


One thought on “Who Are the Exremists Now?

  1. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:
    It’s being run by private companies and how I am sure they are getting incentives too to defend the Tories.

    If I’m an extremist then I will say good, I won’t stop writing or reblogging.

    I am not a number! I am not a slave! I am one of many that will get you out of parliament soon, and that screw the shit of you Tory scum.

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