The Cynical Nature of the Press

Some blogs today have highlighted 2 articles from the Guardian newspaper; one about social care, and the other article written by Cameron focusing on poverty:

What I particularly noticed was the way the Guardian editor had placed the articles as you can see here (click on the image for a clearer view):

cynical placing of articles

I thought it pretty cynical to print an article about the social care crisis with so many people suffering here in the UK, alongside an article written by David Cameron declaring how much he cares about poverty and suffering; I couldn’t actually bring myself to read the article, knowing that it’s all lies.

What I was thinking is do editors place these articles side by side purposefully? I think in this case yes. I was also very angry about the placing of adverts when I accessed the Guardian from my phone yesterday. It was about the child abuse inquiries, and right in the middle of the article it had a picture of a baby girl advertising something. I thought it totally inappropriate!

You find this sort of thing very often in newspapers. The UK Column regularly points these things out to the public. As I’ve said, I’m pretty sure that these things are not coincidence.

Just a thought on this lovely September day anyways.

For the articles:


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