Volkswagen pollution scandal and the British government

Comment: They had the cheek to say in the paper yesterday, that the owners of such vehicles may have to scrap them. It worried my elderly friend who has just bought a car. It goes without saying that the cost of repair or replacement of such cars should lie firmly with the company itself.

More than anything however, it’s disgusting that engineers tried to fool the test, knowing how much each car would be spewing dangerous chemicals into our air; ironically an air we ALL breathe, yes even them.

It’s astonishing that corporations are so desperate to make money, that they will harm their own health to do so.

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This 23 September 2015 video from Britain is called Volkswagen and pollution: How do you test a car’s emissions? BBC News.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Labour slams Tory dithering over VW emissions scandal

Saturday 26th September 015

LABOUR demanded yesterday that the government “come clean” on when it became aware of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, claiming its response was “unacceptable.”

Global furore erupted this week after the German car giant admitted that 11 million vehicles had been fitted with software which duped US testers into believing they met environmental standards.

The US Environmental Protection Agency said that almost half a million 2009-15 models featured software that switched the engine to a cleaner mode when undergoing official emissions testing.

Once on the road, however, the cars produce nitrogen oxide pollutants at up to 40 times the legal standard.

Leaked documents this week revealed that countries including Britain, France…

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