At the End of the Day: The Joy of Jumping

Oh dear, it’s 7.15pm and I did say that I would step away from the blog now.

When I go upstairs to the loo, the landing looks out onto the block of houses and their gardens. About 5 houses up, they have one of those kids trampolines.

They’ve had this trampoline for years, since the kids were little; the children must be in high school now. Yet, still, I see them, every evening, jumping for joy: up and down; laughing and shouting, which makes me smile too.

For sure, it’s been the best investment their mum and dad every made!

Who would have thought that jumping could bring so much joy to young people!

Right: I’m stepping away from the blog now. By the way, my friend hates the saying ‘at the end of the day’, because at the end of the day, it, er, goes dark, and it’s dark now, so nitey and sleep well my fellow bloggers; one day we might wake up, and jump for joy too.


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