Mixed Reactions To Disabled Delegate’s ‘Gas Chamber’ Comments At Labour Conference 2015

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Comment: People may think this woman wrong for mentioning the gas chambers, but this is how disabled people feel.If the assisted death law was passed many of us would opt for death, rather than the living death we face every day.

Deaths entirely due to government policy makes them culpable of those deaths. They had the figures, they have their own analysts. The fact that they’ve decided to continue with their austerity programme, knowing full well that it’s killing people, makes them guilty or a gross crime.

It goes without saying that what happened to the Jews, Gypsies, Disabled, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Dissenters and others in the concentration camps was terrible, but the lives being lost in the UK each month, 90 upwards – and that doesn’t even begin to cover those who committed suicide or who died of starvation who claimed JSA, and those who lost benefits due to their partners income, and others just claiming DLA – are just as important as those who were gassed and starved to death in the camps. The only difference is that you either die in your own home, or out on the street.

At the beginning of their rule in 2010, when I read ’21st Century Welfare’, I said that there would be a humanitarian disaster in this country, and I wasn’t wrong. Every day reports of another death, another eviction, another injustice; they largely don’t get reported in the mainstream media, and so remain hidden from the general public.

And it does remind me of what happened in Germany. Their own citizens didn’t know how disabled people were being killed, or about the camps. Their were rumours about them, but it wasn’t generally known, just like the facts of the deaths in this country.

And what I find most shocking is the reaction of some people about this. They’ve lost their integrity and empathy for people due to the propaganda; like Katy Hopkins, they just don’t care.

If more people publicly keep highlighting this issue, that it does make the disabled people frightened of losing their lives, even if they do compare it to the camps, you can’t blame them for feeling that way, so I say, keep on making the comparison, because what is happening in the UK is democide – death by government -, whatever way you look at it, and if it isn’t stopped now, thousands, perhaps eventually hundreds of thousands will have died.

A culling is a culling however the government spins it, whether in a gas chamber or not. And just like the Nazis, the government will one day have to face justice for all of these deaths.

Same Difference

David Cameron has been accused of making disabled people want to walk “into the gas chamber” with plans to scrap the Human Rights Act.

Speaking on the stage at Labour’s annual conference in Brighton this morning, Sioux Blair-Jordan, a member of the Colchester Labour Party, attacked the government wanting to downgrade the influence the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has in the United Kingdom.

The prime minister has said he would like to scrap the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British bill of rights.


But Blair-Jordan said the ECHR and membership of the European Union were necessary to protect the rights of disabled people.

“We need the disabled and the sick to be seen as human beings,” she said. “To have our rights upheld. And we need the NHS. We also need the EU to uphold our human rights, because if Cameron does his bill…

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5 thoughts on “Mixed Reactions To Disabled Delegate’s ‘Gas Chamber’ Comments At Labour Conference 2015

  1. retired medically in 2005 worked for 35 yrs the last 18 for the same employer
    existed on approx £104 Incapacity benefit and £60 ill healh retirement pension from my employer ( didnt pay council tax or rent )
    TOTAL “INCOME” £164 PW
    Healed by ATOS in 2013 Zero points
    appealed 11 months later awarded 15 points
    cuts what cuts
    will never get back what has been lost no one fights for people like us

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  2. It was called aktion t4 and yes rtu ids has surpassed this number yet on it goes but the truth hurts and that they say never they didnt know ops didnt now when to many gave given their lives up for whot so that cams and co can give freebies away to his mates jeff3

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