The Decline of Democracy and Capitalism in Britain Advances

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Comment: Brilliant find ‘Stilloaks’. A ‘State of the Nation’ article that’s a ‘must read’.

We are on the brink, and it’s speeding up. The dissenters – the trolls paid or not who hang around all day doing what trolls do – say ‘well what is your solution to the problem: for the life of me, I now do not know. I honestly don’t feel that we will be able to wait 5 more years for change, and in any case, I don’t think the establishment will allow Corbyn to rule; like so many others who speak out, he’ll have a sudden illness, or something along those lines.

I hate to be negative about all of this, but at present I don’t see a way out. You can demonstrate, throw a bit of paint on a shop, shout and bawl and fight with the police, but nothing seems to make any difference. Our government – if you can call it that – just does what it wants and the public don’t care: deaths of ordinary people don’t phase them; their reduced terms and conditions of their working contracts don’t seem to change their points of view, because they just blame that on the ‘scroungers’; revelations about Cameron are just titillating for them, a big laugh, ignoring the fact that a drunken Prime Minister who loses his mobile phone is a great security risk; the state of the NHS etc etc infinitum. The ordinary people don’t give a toss, and just pass the buck.

I have my own views on what will happen, but it’s not the sort of thing you usually debate on a site like this – my spiritual point of view . That said, whatever you believe, we can definitely agree with the subjects covered in this article, and we can see where we’re headed; it’s just a case of what the hell do we do now?


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