Chunky Mark and Giles Dilnot – The Concerning Daily Politics

Mark here being interviewed by Giles Dilnot; obviously these interviews will be edited for the public when they’re aired on the Daily Politics. I stopped watching this show about 5 years ago now as it was just a charade; similarly, ‘Question Time’, ‘Any Questions/Answers’, and the ‘Sunday Politics’.

Giles seems to try and keep butting in again and again – as is the usual way in any political interview nowadays on the BBC – and this especially happens in the videos below, when Mark brings up certain issues.

What I found upsetting here, is Dilnot doesn’t blink an eye about the recent suicide, the evictions in London, social care issues and so on. It’s just a happy game for him, living his dream of theater politics. This is reality: people just don’t care, and Dilnot is very dismissive; just humouring Mark really.

Mark will just be passed off as an outsider and they’ll mock him. I’m sorry to be negative about this, but this world is going down the pan. There is a lot more going on than Corbyn and what might happen in 5 years time; look at some of the UK Column reports this week for example, with an expert on Satanic Ritual Abuse in our society; Russians bombing Syria today; the U.N. moving towards a world governmental system.

If some of Mark’s messages get out there, then I’ll be glad for that, but each day, I hear from people who are living in desperation, here and all over the world. I do know what is going to happen, and little by little I’ll let you know; but you perhaps get the sense of it already, don’t you reader?

There is a Chinese saying that goes something like ‘people are only concerned about the things that concern them’. I get the feeling from the press that those who voted for the Conservatives are finding out that they’ve made a big mistake, and they are very concerned indeed.

Too late now peeps.


10 thoughts on “Chunky Mark and Giles Dilnot – The Concerning Daily Politics

  1. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:
    They are going to make it a five minute sound bite for each answer, and edited like crazy.

    The fucking BBC are going to make him out as a bad guy. (sorry about the swearing)

    It’s the end of the world as we know it, and this is not going to stop. We are going to be slaves until we die, barcoded and numbered with no name.

    This is reality, we are being brainwashed and dumbed down by the media propaganda to become obedient sheet to the Tories.

    We must fight this, but I’m afraid that this is not going to be enough.

    Sorry for the downer comment, I’m not feeling too good today.

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    1. Totally agree with your sentiments, and swearing doesn’t even start to express how people feel, and what they see coming.

      No need to be sorry that you’re down; I said as much myself above!

      The shit will hit the fan come April, and people are so blind to it. I’ve asked a few people what they thought about the Cameron revelations last week, and they didn’t even know what happened!

      Well, we have to stick together, and support each other as much as possible; that’s all we can do really, as well as tell as many people as we can.

      I hope things pick up for you soon; it’s ‘groundhog day’ here, a battle every day.

      Thoughts with you.

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