Multiple sclerosis experts call for end to ‘wait and see’ approach to treatment

Comment: I’d just like to get a diagnosis in the first place. I started with myoclonic jerking that made me fall, nerve pain, and the severe fatigue, back in 1996, and I’ve still no formal diagnosis. Prior to MRI scans and other tests, I would have had a diagnosis, especially doing the ‘hot bath test’, but unfortunately, it seems that I’m of that small percentage whose physical markers do not show up on the tests.

I envy the woman referred to in the article. I may not have lost my sight or hearing (though I do have hearing problems), but the other symptoms are so severe that I’ll never be able to run, swim, go riding or do any physical exercise again.

I was adopted, and about 9 years into my illness my birth family contacted me. My maternal Uncle and one of my half sister both had the ‘relapsing remitting’ type of M.S.; they said that I was in a far worse physical state than them. Although it isn’t proof that I have M.S., it’s highly more likely that I have if there is M.S. in the family.

I’m not sure now that I would cope with the side effects of the medication for M.S. due to being so ill anyway; it’s thought I also have Fibromyalgia.

And now the heart problem. Ah well, it’s something different to suffer from for a change; being as good as a rest and all that.


Patients who receive medication soon after diagnosis were half as likely to have died than those given drugs three years later, study shows

Read More (no time to post much of it as a poorly cat needs the vets this moro).


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