The Satanic Ritual Abuse

I considered whether I was willing to post this link, not just because of the subject – which I warn you, goes into detailed information about these despicable acts throughout the UK – but also because UK Column were warned that after the election, the government would shut them down, via the new ‘security’ bill that’s about to be implemented this autumn. I presume that the government may also shut down any blog that highlights the UK Column’s research; they have the power to ban people from using the internet.

How will they do that, because surely they can’t police all of the blogs in the UK? Well 5 private companies (I think it’s 5), will be searching the internet using specific key words to find any blogs and sites that are not in line with ‘British Values’; until that time, we’ll have to see how that plays out.

Back on topic, this video is obviously not suitable for younger people, and even adults may find the subject sickening. The fact is that SRA is happening every single day, and Wilfred Wong – the SRA specialist in the recording – says we have to highlight what horrific things children are subject to, even if discussing it is distasteful and upsetting.

I apologise in advance if I’ve upset anyone with the subject, and advise you not to watch this if you’ve been affected by the subject in any way.

Special studio guest: child protection campaigner of 22 years’ standing Wilfred Wong, originally trained as a barrister and with expertise in Satanic ritual abuse.

A screen warning is displayed: the subject is disturbing and unsuitable for children and some young people, but necessary for adults to understand.


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