Why the flow of migrants into Europe has accelerated in 2015

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Interesting analysis on the refugee crisis; we need these facts!

Eyes on Europe & Middle East

Europe is confronted since the beginning of year 2015 with the extremely serious crisis regarding the exponential rise of the number of refugees within its borders. The wars in Syria and in Libya are at the origin of this increase for the majority of these refugees. However, world’s major powers have to share responsibility given the political and militaty impasse in the conflict zones from where they arrive.

This year as it has been reported that there was a 60 % increase of additional migrant arrivals in Europe. They are already more than 351 000 people who have taken the risk of crossing the Mediterranean Sea this year, for only 219 000 in 2014, according to the International Organization for Migration (OMI). Many drowned in the sea, as small Aylan, a Syrian child whose photo on a Turkish beach has shocked so much the planet this week, or…

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