New Proposals For Drone Monitoring?

Big Brother Watch above talking about drone monitoring. Of course, laws were brought about to punish drone users if they invade privacy or cause danger, but they admit in the article that drone abusers are hard to track down.

This is the thing that’s always incensed me about it; there may well have been a legal framework for using drones, but it was plain to me, that it was always going to be hard to catch people. If that was the case, why was this not addressed at manufacturing stage? It’s like giving someone a car with no number plate or anything that can indicate who owns it.

According to the article, they authorities are barely at the PROPOSAL stage of addressing this, which just isn’t good enough, because – notwithstanding the privacy issues – these things can KILL people, and could cause plane/helicopter crashes.

Of course we all welcome the fact that the authorities are now thinking about these things. Big Brother Watch said (bold/italics mine):

Whilst these proposals are just ideas, further near misses and privacy violations will only strengthen the call for reforms. Today’s announcement is a rare opportunity to be proactive, not reactive with reforming the law. This is why we are supportive that these proposals are being considered.

I totally disagree! This IS a reactive move! If a plain member of the public could foresee these problems, why couldn’t the professionals? The fact is that the law should already have been in place; drones only sold to registered owners, serial numbers for all drones, and traceable.

It wouldn’t have stopped criminals who would have purchased them on the back market I guess, those who are using them to drop drugs into prisons and case out properties to rob, but it could have tracked down ordinary people using them for invasion of privacy or who had caused injury to people.

I dread to think what terrorists could do with them! But that didn’t matter, no, we had to have them massed produced to make lots and lots of more money for already rich people, and blow the consequences.

Something very bad is going to come out of all of this; I get a feeling that the very people who made these are going to personally regret it. Or maybe not, I’d forgotten, money wins hands down over human life anytime.


6 thoughts on “New Proposals For Drone Monitoring?

      1. I’m glad your day is going okay; it’s not like being contented for you, but better than the ‘dark cloud’!

        Same here really. I can’t do much but trying to keep myself distracted. The sun shining helps too.

        Let me know what you find out about Maximus; will look forward to reading your blog.


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