How We View Morality And Moral systems

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Comment: A fascinating analysis of ‘morality and moral systems’ and how these came about, not just as a part of religious observance, but necessary processes that benefit the group as a whole.

I enjoyed the paragraph about ‘gossip’ and how this is vital for the group. I remember reading about this in the past, how gossip helped keep the group in check, really benefiting people and keeping them safe. Of course ‘gossip’ that is false is incredibly damaging; that’s the downside of it, but I must admit, that time and again through my life, when I’ve been warned off people, the person who warned me was speaking the truth. I was the sort of person who prefers to learn about people directly, not from what others tell me about a person, but I’ve had my fingers burned time and again!

Enjoyable and interesting read.


I usually stay away from writing on morality and moral systems. the reason is simple enough, it is a very complex question that almost always promises the most vicious arguments by the most well intentioned of individuals. People place a great store of value on morality even if they have little understanding on such a subject. Now, I do not claim any special knowledge in this field dominated by religion and philosophy. In that regard, I claim no appeal to authority on the subject nor should anyone be so inclined. Authority has nothing to do with a moral code of behavior, and it is behavior that matters most. No, I prefer a more common sense approach to the subject.  So let me begin by making a distinction between a moral code and a set of ethics or ethical behavior.  A moral code is, in my opinion, a broad base set…

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