Social Mobility: Reality?

Another excellent documentary post on the Void from ‘Stepping Razor Sound Plate System’.


I’m incensed by it really. Yet again, this ‘aspiration’ issue ignores the fact that THERE AREN’T ENOUGH GOOD JOBS FOR EVERYONE!!!!! The connected have it all sown up, so no matter how many ‘lower class’ children/young people, go to university, there are only so many jobs to go around.

Sure, an outstanding pupil will make it, but not anyone else. The ‘good jobs’ are limited; we have to accept that fact and so do ‘they’; consequently, ‘they’ need to start addressing the issues surrounding how to look after the rest of the population, sans industry and increasing automation of the industries.

Everyone wants a ‘dream job’ when they’re young and that’s only natural; well, I have my own ideas about what a ‘dream job’ or life should be, but it’s not available to everyone; it’s basically a lie that is told from when you’re young.

‘Social Mobility’ in the 21st century? Not for the majority; let’s get ‘real’ on that subject.


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