The Great Divide: ‘ The ‘Haves’.

I mostly enjoy the banter in the comment section of the blog ‘The Void’, it gets a bit aggressive for me sometimes though, that’s why I don’t reblog in full:

Anyways, excellent blog today:

I also really enjoyed the documentary film posted in the comments below by a regular person speaking on The Void called: Stepping Razor Sound Plate System.

He posted this video:

It was touching and also very sad. it clearly demonstrates how communities are broken up over time due to ‘gentrification’, though the issue is certainly not ‘London-centric’, but the house price affordability is mad in that area of the UK, and not comparable with many place outside that area.

it’s the human cost in all of this, and the blaze attitude of the residents who have made a fortune due to nothing more than actually living there, along with those who think that moving a few doors up will transform their lives.

No one wanted to live where I do, but greedy eyes are bound to fall on this estate due to the position it holds.

There should be no divide in terms of ‘haves and have not’; we’re not asking to live in your manner – there’s no interest in that for me, much like many others – unlike you, we just want what we already have.

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