Janet Alder: stand up to the state and see what happens

I heard of this case a few years back now, Janet Alder’s brother killed in police custody. I didn’t know all the details, but she shares something here that makes your blood run cold.

I’m crying now for this brave woman; I cannot begin to imagine what she’s been through, and the fact that it’s not an isolated case make it more poignant:

My daughter has registered a formal complaint about the despicable way I was treated by an under-educated care ‘assessor’, who couldn’t even speak a sentence properly. My treatment was nothing in comparison; she just bullied me and forced her way into my home after she was an hour late for my assessment and my advocate had left. Despite me saying that I’d had 11 angina attacks and was very poorly and so unable to have the assessment, she didn’t care. I could have died that day due to being so ill, but I was not believed, and treated as if I was nothing.

I didn’t want my daughter to complain, the reason being that I’ve seen over the years what happens when you do so. If you oppose them, call them out for what they’ve done, they close ranks: if it’s a doctor, it’s you that gets struck off the list; police target people, even when they are in the wrong, making your life a misery; sue someone, and it will take many many years of your life, where you’re watched, followed and have no peace of mind; strange things tend to happen to those who complain (I’ll just leave it at that there, because to even mention some of the things could land me in trouble).

So no, I didn’t want my daughter to complain, but after 20 years of mistreatment she’s had enough; she’s a grown woman in her own right, and I can’t stop her. Don’t think that it’s being cowardly not to complain, just self preservation in my case: I cannot take any more as it is.

Stand up to the state and see what happens: I’ll let you know.


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