The Daily Politics (hmmmph)

Blah, Blah, Blah. Just because you’ve debated a matter, Daily Politics, it doesn’t mean that the country are behind austerity. Have a look at those debates: hardly any Cons attend them; they’re not interested in debate: they say what goes and that’s that. They twist and manipulate the statistics to fool the public, and sometimes they don’t even try to fool them, like over the Syria bombing, they do what they like when they like: keep up sheeple!

As usual, people on this show don’t debate. If people have died due to welfare reform, they just say ‘no they haven’t’ over and again. Denial must mean it’s not true yes/no? Ah well, it doesn’t matter what you think, if we say people haven’t died due to our policies then it must be true. If we say we haven’t funded tax breaks for the well off, from the backs of the ‘had working poor’ then it must not be true (even the SUN newspaper have picked up on that one; you can’t kid a kidder, as the saying goes.

Very well done Mark nevertheless, we all have to keep trying. We never get a fair whack in the media, but we still need to keep going.

Enjoy, or not: hmmmmph.

Do go to his site to see the filming at Manchester today, or just any day to see what chunky is up to next:


2 thoughts on “The Daily Politics (hmmmph)

  1. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:
    They are just an echo chamber and asspatting brigade.

    I know I sound like a broken record but I am glad I do not watch TV or read the papers. Even though my dad thinks it will educate me on what’s going on, I don’t want to know their lies, biased views, or propaganda.

    Would love a newspaper and channel that was just made by the people, instead of the giants and puppets.

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