The middle class delusion

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‘The twentieth century never happened. We dreamed it’; brilliant statement from ‘A Word in Your Ear’!

Yes, the doctors, teachers, lawyers are all finding that statement true: did they not think that if the government wouldn’t blink an eye at impoverishing and causing the deaths of the poor and vulnerable and now the working poor, that they wouldn’t be coming for them next? So yes, hospital doctor, you are only worth £10 per hour. Sorry lawyerman, we don’t need you any more because we scrapped legal aid. Bye bye teacher; we can pay someone unqualified half your salary to ‘teach’ etc etc. Did your really think that obtaining your very expensive degrees entitled you to a good living? If so, you’re deluded indeed. And you say that you voted conservative…

A Word in Your Ear

The middle classes know who their inferiors are – all working class especially women and all ethnic groups, especially women.

They take it for granted and they often conceal it beneath a veneer of social politeness. Alongside this they are certain of their own value. Just as they don’t believe that working class people nor ethnic groups deserve equal inclusion in their refined community, they do believe in their own ability and right to advance themselves socially. And this is where the elite have the middle class by the short and curlies.

Just as the middle class despise the working class as people who are inherently inferior, they suffer the delusion that the class above respects them on their merits. Great double-think that. But the elite view the middle class in the same light as the middle class view the working class – as inferiors. As far as the elite…

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