Children are scary. So why the absence of serious study?

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Comment: Fascinating insight into the violence that children are exposed to from other children during their upbringing, and how without appropriate adult supervision, they could go on to become criminals, even during their own childhood.

I’ve always said, that it’s terrible to say that ‘people behave like animals’, because animals behave a lot better than people ever do.

It’s really quite frightening to hear in the news of the behaviour of some children towards other children: rape; murder; extreme bullying etc. I too remember being terrified sometimes of going to school; having never heard shouting or bad language at home, it was hard to believe that children could be so horrible to other children. It followed me throughout my schooling.

I’m sure that although there was bullying years ago, I never heard of it deteriorating into what we have today: society is truly sick, from the ground up.

A Word in Your Ear

Imagine this. You are faced with a number of rooms. Each room has an occupant. One room has a kitten, another a puppy, another a foal, another a lion cub and the last a child. Which room or rooms would you feel attracted to enter, and which would make you feel anxious and wish to avoid?

The “aah” response is nearly universal in response to the young of other animals, but in human society the presence of children of any age group rather than attracting adults, provokes a general retreat.

It seems to me there is a remarkable absence of serious study on why our children generally repel adults. The standard social response to this across many cultures and throughout history is to ghettoise the children with their mothers, in the process excluding women from adult society. Have children and other adults will avoid you in order to avoid your…

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