New Subterraneans: Whipping Boy

This is a video wot I filmed.

The lead singer Gary asked through a friend if I still had the video, as it had disappeared off youtube for some reason, and fortunately I still had it on one of my hard drives.

It’s a band that we used to gig with from the early to the mid 2000s, so I’m feeling a little nostalgic and sad for that life. They’ve carried on writing and gigging, and I just stopped; I carried on the song writing, but it’s harder than you think to make your own backing tracks.

The drummer of the band died of cancer last year; a great guy. The 2 that are left who keep falling out – as you do in ‘band world’ – and at present the lead singer now has a new drummer and bassist.

It was my favourite song of theirs; I jiggle about a bit at the end for 30 seconds (my limit was definitely one minute of dancing). I was hoping to do a lot more filming back then, but became too ill. I’d be lucky if I could actually attend a gig now, let alone film one or dance.

Ah well, life changes. I was so full of hope back then, just about to leave uni and now there’s just the sofa.


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