Poverty? I Still Won’t Care

A U.S. professor is warning of the consequences to the U.K. if the government keep cutting benefits.

I don’t know why she bothers; the government are poverty deniers, and on the contrary, they say, the cuts will enable and encourage people into a better way of working, doing their bit to empower the U.K. to compete with Asia, which will be good for everyone.

Er, taking £300 a month from a family, then saying if they work more, you’ll deduct even more from them, when there AREN’T ENOUGH JOBS FOR THE UNEMPLOYED, LET ALONE MORE HOURS TO BE HAD FOR THOSE ALREADY WORKING, knowing full well what they’re doing will lead to the biggest rise of in-work poverty for a generation, is incredulous.

So when the reports start to come in again, how teachers are even more having to bring in food for the children, when they’re covered in chilblains and suffering from more chest infections due to having no heating at home, when their clothes smell of mildew in the winter because they can’t be dried properly, when they’ve sores on their feet due to ill-fitting shoes and cardboard in them due to the holes, which is what happened to my ‘in work; family under Thatcher when she cut in work benefits, will that influence the Conservatives and make them rethink their policies (like John Major did after Maggie was sacked)? Will it ‘scare the hell out of politicians’ as this U.S. professor thinks?

No. They won’t change. Like Katie Hopkins says: ‘show me the bodies, and I still won’t care.’ We’ll see.



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