Up Close and Personal

From the Waugh Zone http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/:


After two days of conference attendees getting spat and sworn at by protestors, the cops finally installed extra barriers on Monday night. Few have had to ‘carry on up the Khyber’ (copyright Boris) gauntlet of anarcho-warriors since. Yet there are lots of ministers who are wondering just why the Greater Manchester Police allowed the protesters to get up so close and personal in the first place.

It’s not quite as bad as France where the Air France chief got away by the skin of his teeth from suit-ripping protestors. Hollande and Manuel Valls have said the protestors ‘hurt’ the country’s reputation. But even a whiff of French-style militancy worries many ministers.

The Times quotes one Cabinet minister saying that the failure to clamp down on protesters threatening female conference delegates with rape on Monday was “outrageous”. GMP said yesterday that they had “made reactive changes to the policing operation”. The Sun also reports that ministers are furious with thugs screaming ‘fucking Tory whores’ at women attendees, and Anna Soubry says she saw one shouting ‘bitch’ in a female delegate’s face.

All of which prompts this thought: wouldn’t it be canny if Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham made a stand by condemning the GMP police operation for its failure to protect women, and men (one disabled charity worker was abused too)? That would send a signal in more ways than one…



Needless to say, if protesters were shouting threats of sexual violence, then I don’t condone such behaviour, but I can appreciate the anger people feel; I’m the same. I’m sad to say that the violence seems inevitable however.

Does the journalist above need to wonder why the police didn’t act quickly against such protesters? I think the government will find that unless they change the policies that are killing people, and will throw millions into severe poverty by April 2016, along with all the other cuts, as well as the move that will see many police lose their jobs, Ms May – who was visibly scared when facing angry business owners after the last riots, and stepped back behind the police for protection – will find that the police will step back behind you and the Conservatives – and though I hope that it doesn’t happen – you will truly find out what ‘up close and personal’ really means.


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