Plaid Cymru Would Abolish Social Care Charges

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Comment: I’m really happy for the citizens of Wales who will no longer worry themselves sick about how to pay for their care.

I despair however for England: if Wales and Scotland can manage their budgets so as not to impoverish people, why can’t England? Just WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM?! They don’t seem to have one iota of empathy or compassion for their own.

My carer’s mother is in a care home. My carer earns around £75 per week, and her husband is on a pension with pension credit top up. Social services want £40 a week off my carer to contribute to her mother’s care: WHERE IS SHE SUPPOSED TO FIND THAT FROM on her wage level?!

It just shows how vile they are as human beings to have allowed such disparity: we’re all British citizens and should be treated fairly: Cameron and his ilk must hate us indeed!


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