Referral Delays; It’s No Wonder

There was an article in the Guardian today concerning the needless deaths due to G.P.s not recognising cancer symptoms, and so not referring patients quickly enough. Patients are supposed to be seen within 2 weeks of referral.

As you know, I had a long rant about the months of delay in obtaining the tests for what was clearly a serious heart condition. The initial G.P. gave me no treatment at all, so I had to book with my own G.P. To her credit, I was given an appointment for the Rapid Assessment Cardiac Clinic for the week after that. This must mean therefore, that suspected heart conditions are also given a referral within 2 weeks.

That was July as you know reader, but I’m no further forward. If it hadn’t been for my G.P. prescribing the medication in September that the hospital should have prescribed back in August, I might not be writing this right now; she basically saved my life.

I emailed her Friday to explain what the hospital said, and to ask if it’s normal to keep waiting like this when I could literally die at any time. I’ve had no reply.

The attacks had settled down before I sent that email, but Friday, Sunday, and Monday night I kept being woken up with the attacks again. The medication doesn’t seem to be working such that it extends through the night.

What is the point of being seen within a 2 week initial window, if subsequently you have to wait for treatment? If I hadn’t pushed the hospital, they wouldn’t have even given me a follow up appointment, rather 1 clear test was supposed to prove that everything was fine.

Some people aren’t like me. I can think of one person right now. She isn’t well read, a ‘salt of the earth’ woman. if they’d done to her what they’d done to me, she would just give up and not fight it. That’s what happened when I tried to help her with her the housing benefit that she should not be paying due to being a carer for a severely LD son; when they turned her down first time, she gave up.

Likely many people across the country have behaved like that, and not wanted to challenge the system. It’s no wonder so many of them die.

Read the article:


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