Computers – a poisoned chalice?

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Comment: This article explores computing as a means of governmental control; something that is not a future prospect, but something that is real and happening right now via means of massive data collection, and government sponsored ‘hacking’ where spurious information is placed on the target’s computer/phone/email in order to set them up for some crime or extremist activity that the target did not commit.

The article points forward to a system where undesirables are denied access to computing, and being that computers will give access to almost every aspect of living, buying and travel, the article says we could become ‘non-persons’ and ‘de-citezened. Interestingly, a bible prophesy placed just before the time of the end also imagines such a situation, where people aren’t allowed to buy or sell without a mark (Revelation 13 vs 17); many people have suggested that this ‘mark’ will be some kind of tech that is either worn or is inserted into the body. Already companies in the U.S. are advertising the benefits of such technology: no need to carry cash around with you; keeps the family safe as all can be tracked; gives access to public transport or the work place and so on.

It’s ironic really that the tech that’s provided so much freedom – I don’t know what I would have done without it with being mostly housebound – is eventually used to oppress people. It sadly seems inevitable.

A Word in Your Ear

Or a tool for government orchestrated anarchy?

I cancelled my IPad contract yesterday, as the service was no longer worth paying for. Huge data drain continuing causing the loss of a month’s usage in a week. Mysterious charges appearing on my account even though my account is capped. Let’s hope the account stays cancelled as that is another problem. Some companies use every trick in the book to keep the customer on their books and continuing to charge even after the contract you signed up for is ended.

But the computer problems, not an unusual situation, everyone has computer problems to a greater or lesser extent highlights a greater problem behind the problem. Increasingly we are all dependent on computers in our daily lives. Also the governments are pushing for the intrusion of computers into every aspect of our lives via so-called smart technology – in cars, utilities and even…

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